Our Senior Colts have made the 2019 Division One Hills Football League Grand Final against the Mt Lofty Football Club. This years Grand Final will the sixth time in 10 years the Woods have played off for the ultimate glory in the Senior Colts competition whilst for the Devils it will be the first time since 2007 (4,378 days) they have made the big dance in the Senior Colts in Division One. Check out our match preview below.

Previous encounters in 2019

The Blackwood and Mt Lofty Football Clubs have played each other on three previous occasions throughout 2019. The ledger currently stands at two wins to Blackwood and one win to Mt Lofty. A recap of the three matches goes like this:

Round 8 at U-Install-It Kitchens Oval – Blackwood lose by 60 points

The young Woods were completely over run in the second half with the Devils kicking six goals to one behind after the main break to run our ten goal winners. Sam Tonkin lead the way on the scoreboard for the Woods kicking two majors whilst Mat Tee was named best player. View full scorecard

Round 17 at Arkaba Oval – Blackwood win by 24 points

Playing for the Courier Cup, the Woods got away to a fast starting kicking four goals to one in the first quarter. The Woods held the same margin for the rest of the match to eventually run our four goal winners. Sam Tonkin dominated up forward for the Woods kicking seven goals whilst Mat Tee picked up the three mail medal votes. View full scorecard

Second Semi Final at Uraidla Oval – Blackwood win by 26 points

The Devils jumped the Woods down the hill in the first quarter kicking two goals to none. Fighting back in the second term the Woods hit the lead by half time and eventually ran over the top kicking six goals to two in the second half to record a 26 point victory. Troy Hocking booted three majors for the victorious Woods whilst Zac Venning was named best player. View full scorecard

Statistical match up

From the 18 minor rounds, both sides ranked one and two in the competition for attack and defence. The Woods ranked as the number one in attack in 2019 (98.5 points for) whilst Mt Lofty ranked number one in defence (27.1 points against)

From the 18 matches both sides have played, the Woods have used a total of 40 players with 17.5% (seven) having either 17 or 18 matches. This compares to the Devils who have used 32 players with 34.4% (11) having played 17 or 18 matches.

Of the matches the Woods have played, a total of 26 different players have featured in the best players (65.0% of all players) with Noah Brown (68.8%), Blake Higgins (60.0%) and Troy Hocking (55.6%) featuring in the best the most. For the Devils, 20 different players (62.5%) have featured in the best with the top players featuring 72.2% and 61.5% of the time.

Of the 248 goals kicked by the Woods in 2019, Sam Tonkin has kicked 17.6% of them (45 goals). This compares to Devils where the leading goal kicker has kicked 22.7% of the 247 goals they have kicked. The top five goal kickers for the Woods have kicked a combined 144 goals (56.5% of all goals) compared to 137 (55.5%) by the top five Devils goal scorers.

Final Thought

Losing the first quarter doesn’t mean the game is over.. In the last four Division One Hills Football League Senior Colts Grand Finals the winner of the first quarter has end up going onto losing the match.

See you at the football! #youwoods