Pursuant to Part III Clause 1 of the Club’s Constitution, written notice is hereby given to members of the Date, Time and Place of the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of Annual General Meeting – Season 2017

Date: 3 November 2017

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Blackwood Football Club (U-Install-It Kitchens Oval)

Business to be conducted and officers of the Club Executive Committee to be elected at this meeting are set out hereunder.

A Nomination Form for the election of officers is attached below.


1.Welcome by the President
2.Present and Apologies
3.Minutes of AGM held on 4th November 2016
4.Business Arising from previous AGM minutes
5.Presentation of Annual Reports for financial year ending 30th September 2017
6.2017 Meritorious Service Awards and Life Membership Presentation
7.Nomination for Meritorious Service and Life Membership 2018 (Life Membership – Part IX Clause 1) Nominees being:
i. Life Membership – Matthew Thompson
ii. Meritorious Awards – Jaime Clark, Phil Wake, Tina Wake, Franca Williams, Hank Zevenboom, Steve Jaffar, Adam Torode, Trevor Prentice
8.Election of Office Bearers for 2018
i. President
ii. Vice President
iii. Secretary
iv. Treasurer
v. Football Director
vi. Junior Football Director
vii. Sponsorship coordinator
vii. Membership & Marketing Coordinator
ix. Committee Persons (3)
x. Appointed Representative (refer Part IV Clause 1 & 1(a))
xi. Auditors
9.Address by elected President
10.General Business
i. Endorsement of the colour white on the club Guernsey

Mark Gibbs

BFC Secretary

11th October, 2017


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